As many of us are still confined to our homes in lockdown, now is a great time to get ahead and tackle some of those dull spring-cleaning jobs. The cold and wet winter months will soon be a distant memory, so what better time than now to turn our attentions to window cleaning – ready for the sunshine to stream back into our homes again.

One of the questions we’re asked about most is how to get windows sparkling clean and most importantly smear-free. Getting a professional finish to your windows takes more than white vinegar and newspaper…

Window cleaning essentials:

  • An applicator, which is a T-shaped tool with a microfibre sleeve (these can be bought online for a relatively low price)
  • Bucket of water with diluted liquid soap – basic washing up liquid works really well
  • Two microfibre cloths
  • A squeegee

 Cleaning the Frame

The first thing to do, especially if the PVC hasn’t been cleaned in a while, is to go over the frames with the applicator and soapy water. This will remove any loose dirt and grime. Then take a clean microfibre cloth and go over the frame to remove the suds and any build-up that might have gathered in the corners.

You may find that there are stubborn marks which don’t shift from the plastic but there are speciality PVC cleaners available to buy that can remove problem stains and give your window frames a new lease of life. Don’t forget to do the front and back door too.

Cleaning the Glass

You should now have a reasonably clean frame. Apply more soapy water to the glass using the applicator, then take a microfibre cloth, wrap it over a finger or thumb and go around the edge of the window with the cloth. Push your finger into the seal as you run it around the edge of the glass to get the water out as this will prevent drips from running down your newly clean window later on.

Now you need to remove the soapy water from the glass with your squeegee.

Place the squeegee vertically against the frame at the top of the glass then move the squeegee across the width of the glass while staying in contact with the frame at the top. Sweep the squeegee across at an angle so you can make sure that the water runs down the window instead of coming over the top and leaving water on the areas you have already done.

Move across and down the window in an “S” pattern, making sure not to miss any soap suds as you go. Remove the grime that builds up on your squeegee with a cloth every so often so you are not dragging dirt across the glass.

Once you have covered the entire window, wipe away any excess water from the glass and the frames using the second clean dry microfibre cloth. For windows that might be too small to fit a squeegee, just use a microfibre cloth to wipe away the suds.

All that is left to do now is stand back and admire your newly clean, sparklingly shiny windows.. and wait for the sun to shine.

If you’re not ready to tackle the whole house yourself you can always give Smart Cleaning Services a call. We clean windows in and around the Liverpool area using the latest in cleaning technology, including telescopic poles with special soft brushes and purified hot water to produce outstanding cleaning results. Not only that, we offer a ‘no smear, no smudge’ guarantee on every single window.

To join our list of valued customers, or enquire about prices and make a booking then visit our page on: Residential Window Cleaning.